Iowa State University’s Beardshear Hall was constructed from 1903 to 1906 and was for the most part the original ISU. Sometime in the mid-1900s, the original stained-glass skylights, which were situated above the grand staircases, were discarded likely because of disrepair.

Our studio, The Stained Glass Store, was commissioned in 2001 to replicate the original design and glass with hopes to return the skylights to their original state. Having only an old black and white photograph and a few sections of the original stained-glass, we went on a search for matching the original glass and were successful. We obtained the original glass used and executed what we think was an exact replica of the original skylights. They each were approximately 17 x 24 feet in size. They consisted of an interior background of a clear texture framed by a combination of opalescent stained glass and faceted jewels.

In the following year, the University was so pleased with the skylight replication, they commissioned us to design a cooperative oculus design having never had stained glass in the dome prior. See the picture below.

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