After our restoration due to arson, a "Storybook" ending:

Grace Lutheran Church, built in 1909, in a small community of a Westbrook Minnesota, was devastated by fire after a 10-year-olds folly. Having lit papers on fire in the sanctuary, it caused $1.5 million in damage devastating the front half of the nave’s stained glass.

Most important, were two windows donated by the grandfather of one of the committee members, originally from Austria.

These 200-year-old Windows, “Christ Ascending” and “Christ on the Cross”, windows were located behind the altar. They were master painted windows and all that remained were part of Christ's leg on the cross and some of the flora and fauna pieces in the bottom corner of the window. What remained below were tiny bits of broken glass and melted lead.

Having been awarded the commission to repair, restore and replicate the stained glass windows that remained after the fire, I met with the elders of the church in a basement office. The granddaughter of the donor that brought these two Austrian Christ windows asked me pointedly,”Who are you”? My reply was, "someone passionate about bringing back whole what was so sadly taken away from you".

After scooping up buckets of tiny shards of glass and only having a small photograph of the original stained glass, six months later while I was installing one of the lesser important windows on the main floor, I heard crying, turned around and the granddaughter's arms were around me hugging me and thanking me for what seemed miraculous.

It was that moment I considered the project a "storybook" ending.

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