In the spring of 2003, our studio was commissioned to restore all stained glass windows at Herrick Chapel, Grinnell College, Grinnell Iowa.

Over the years there were numerous minor repairs that had taken place along with the addition of a protective coverings to the stained glass windows. The administration, after doing their due diligence, came to the conclusion that the stained glass windows needed to be completely restored in the manner with which no plastic coverings would be needed.

Using today's state-of-the-art restoration quality materials we restored all of the stained glass windows, as well as the wood frame surrounds, and then reinstalled the stained glass using sealants that should last for decades.

Below are before & after photos which depict the structures return to the architect’s original intent. His intent was to allow the stained glass windows to be seen, even from the exterior, not covered by aluminum framing and plastic that yellows.

Properly reconstructed, using care to weatherproof the lead within the stained glass windows, no protective coverings are necessary. The insulation value of adding a plastic protective covering is minor in comparison to the disturbing appearance it has on the architecture.

After removing the stained glass, properly repairing and restoring the wood frame surround is imperative when intending to only have the stained glass window exposed to weather. Our doing so not only beautifies the frame itself but prepares the substrate to allow the perimeter sealant to shed rain and adhere to the wood frame for decades.

We are expert in the field of wood frame restoration, replication, as well as the historical care and experience needed to restore the most ornate kiln fired stained glass windows.

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